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Mia Farizza blossomed into her art quite by accident after a successful career in advertising. Her love for colours drove her to paint after a particularly stressful month at work. The surge of exhilaration she felt from that one night of painting was unforgettable and addictive. Thereafter her love and passion for art flourished and she decided to pursue it seriously.   


Her work projects emotions through colourful abstract forms. Her seductive exploration of explosive colours are often romantic and sensuous with a hidden visceral edge. The art are filled with emotional abstractions of the fantastical and ethereal. Fused with a feeling of “newness” that is Modern and Ancient, simultaneously.


The dream-like abstract universe she birth forth are feasts of colours reminiscent of underwater oceanscapes, verdant jungles, wild flower gardens or celestial worlds with mythical creatures peeking through.


Her distinctive style is uniquely hers and she creates only one-off works of art. The spontaneity of her process lends an organic quality to all her work. Exact reproduction of a piece is an impossible feat even by the artist herself.

Mia_Black and White.jpg

Mia's brand of art upon closer inspection is a study of natural elements. The fluidity of her paint-trails mimic the movement of water and air. She composes and mixes her fiery colour palette straight onto the canvas and they are blown onto a background of random oceanic or earthy landscapes. A pinch of Chaos thrown in with some sumptuous Magic. Much like the Universe we live in.


Mia's art can be found in public and private collections from everywhere around the globe, from Asia and as far as Europe and America.

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