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#Art4ManekUrai Charity Fundraiser


Art for Humanity Project
by Galeri Chandan


#‎Art4Humanity‬ is a platform for Malaysia's visual artists to contribute in humanitarian causes.


‪#‎Art4ManekUrai‬ is an #Art4Humanity project with Islamic Aid Malaysia (IAM) aiming to raise funds to help alleviate the flood victims in Manek Urai, Kuala Krai, Kelantan by building a permanent and temporary home for them.


Galeri Chandan & IAM are delighted to present the works of:


Ahmad Shukri Mohamed, Aini AB, Al-Khuzairie Ali, Amar Shahid Salehudin, Asyraf Ramli, Azrin Mohd, Badruddin Syah Abdul Wahab, Dhiyannah Hassan, Edroger Rosili, Heikal Taki, Hirman Rasid, Hirzaq Harris, Khairudin Zainudin, Khairuzikri Mohamad Shahid, Liu Cheng Hua, Mahadi Ayob, Megat Zaim Zharif, Mia Farizza, Mohd Azri Abdullah, Muhammad Amir Amin, Rushdi Ahmad, Sabri Idrus, Safar Zin, Sofia Haron, Stephen Menon, Tiong Siew Yun, Umibaizurah Mahir@Ismail, and Zulkiflee Lee. 


These are the artists who have stepped forward and answered the call of compassion. This list is likely to expand as we will continue to accept submissions from artists throughout the entire running of this show.


By today’s definition, “social currency” is a term attributed to one’s measure of digital presence. We believe that presence and making a difference in society will bring immeasurable inner satisfaction, and that is a greater currency we should all strive for.


This is where we believe that fundraising through works of art takes this initiative full circle; for arts have always carried powerful voices of society and stories of life, experiences, reflections, hope, desire and purpose.


Moving forward, #Art4ManekUrai will be only one of our other numerous joint initiatives under


the ‪#‎Art4Humanity‬ programme; a long-term Art Aid collaboration to place a more concerted effort in their humanitarian contributions for the local communities, including but not limited to, areas of natural disaster relief, shelter, protection and education.


Please call Galeri Chandan at 603 62015360 if you would like to donate for the cause or purchase the art.



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