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Mia Farizza



Mia Farizza's debut novel "The Lesser Known God" was  published by UK Penguin Randomhouse to critical acclaim. 


The protaganist is a young girl named Zarrin Nahara who was born into a non-typical Malaysian family obsessed with past lives. Everything from business decisions to the naming of children are done  according to the rule of the powerful matriarch of the family, Zarrin's grandmother.


Zarrin being one of the youngest in the family does not hold much sway in the family's decision until she chanced upon a glimmer of a secret that brought her into contact with a number of many other secrets that even her seemingly all-knowing grandmother may not be aware of.


Often sad but wickedly funny, the story is told mainly from the perspective of an eight-year old girl. It reads like smooth dark chocolate mixed with a healthy dose of chili. Zarrin's wise and matter-of-fact perspective as the not-so-normal eight-year old never came across as contrived. The author has said that the book is suitable for readers of all ages and I tend to agree. 


The novel has been shortlisted for a number of awards and is climbing the New York bestseller list.


Mia is also one of the writers for famous pop culture site, Lost at E Minor. She is currently working on her second novel due out in XXXX. When she is not writing, she spends her time painting abstract art and participating in art shows around the globe.


You can find her on twitter at MiaFarizza or at her website


"The Lesser Known God" can be found at your nearest bookstores or on Amazon. 









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