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Splendour Island by Mia Farizza 80x200cm


“Mia.....from my opinion, I think your style is fabulous and I'll be waiting to see which direction your ART will evolved will, sooner or later. You're just great!”

Firdauz Ong, Artist | Malaysia

“Beautiful work Mia if you don't make it big no one can. All the best.”

Peter Thorpe, Artist | United Kingdom (Cultureinside)


"Sous l'océan, semble un nid douillet d'algues marines.Des touffes douilettes aux colories tendres. Très beau travail. Merci"

Sarah-Jane, Artist | France (Cultureinside)


"Original,léger,voilà de bien belles peintures"
Micheline Duvivier, Artist | Belgium (Cultureinside)

"J'aime cette toile, le mouvement"

Noëlle Dauby, Artist | Belgium (Cultureinside)

"Powerful and expressive, love compositional forms and mad game of colors"

Igor vaganov, Artist/Photographer | Russia (Cultureinside)

"Amazing work! So romantic !!! What beautiful colours and interesting art style!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Katrina, Artist | Greece (Cultureinside)

"Magnifique tres beau travail bravo!"

Francoise Cariou, Artist/Photographer | France (Cultureinside)

"Hi Mia. ı wanna say, beautiful very nice. congratulations."

Gurkan Kurt, Artist | Turkey (Cultureinside) 

"Very good use of acrylic's almost inherent ability to be surreal and 'pop' out to the viewer. Good job."
Thomas Harris (project30)

"Mia, this is truly wonderful! The colours somehow remind me of the film What Dreams May Come..."
Gwynedd Nora Owen | Kuala Lumpur on “the mermaid’s boudoir” 

"I really like the collection - I am more drawn to the 'Plummage' and 'The Sea Sorceress'. I think it's the combination of colours in broader strokes and the darker colours used - they stirs up some distinct emotions :)"

Yiing Ching Loke | Kuala Lumpur on rainbowmyth collection

"u soooo the talented laaa mia ..... can you paint my walls ?"

Christina Foenander | Kuala Lumpur on rainbowmyth collection.

"Beautiful. :) makes me wanna sing 'Part of your world'..."..Look at this trove, treasures untold, how many wonders can one cavern hold?.."

Regina Goh | Kuala Lumpur on “the mermaid’s boudoir” from rainbowmyth collection.

"Hi Mia, I love's so totally you - bursting with colour and varieties of expressions. It's filled with hope...every piece tells a different story!"

Moira Basnayake (Kuala Lumpur) on rainbowmyth collection

"Your dynamism in using colours and forms pleased me very much. Full of energy..."

Wolfgang Pietrzok, Artist | Germany (Cultureinside)

"Your works are excellent. What a nice and amazing colors they have. They are really excellent.Good luck."

Sonia Pezeshki Far, Artist | Iran (Cultureinside) on "rainbowmyth collection"

"Its amazing how spontaneously beautiful you paint and how cleverly you manage your compositions. I loved the brilliance with softness!"

Faiza Khan, Artist | Pakistan (Cultureinside) on “rainbowmyth”


"Excellent. No questions. This gallery is my favorite."
Dominique Paris, CULTUREINSIDE founder | Luxembourg on “the colouratis”

"El arbusto, jungle of love or crotch fire thats some of the title i'll give to this jembut :)
Haryo (Jakarta) on “colourati” 

"Est- ce une affiche? du tissu? de la peinture? dite moi,merci (premier travail)"
Duvivier, Artist | Belgium (Cultureinside)

"Seriously the photos do not do the work justice! You guys have to see the real thing! So much more depth and character! "
Kyan Yap | Kuala Lumpur


"A lot of energy and good ideas,well done!"

Christopher Stone, Sculptor | Spain (Cultureinside)

"Kak your art work!! Congrats...muah"
Natasha L Hudson | Kuala Lumpur

"wow. I didnt know you were an artist. really striking works. I love the vibrancy (is that an actual word?) of your colours :) i esp love the colournation series; and the second from the left of the throwsomecolouronme ones. Gorgeous!"
Alina Rastam (Kuala Lumpur)

"Kak mia love your website...your paintings are awesome.."
Natasha Liana Hudson (Kuala Lumpur)

"I love your workkkkkkk!"
Sania Makki | Jakarta

"I absolutely love deeper weeper and colournation series. Very deep intense colours and textures - quite me :) sms me back for viewing babe :)"
Fareen Dzulkifli | Kuala Lumpur

"Wish this art is on a t-shirt..."
Azmi Yusof | Kuala Lumpur on “Barbwire Galaxy”

"Hi Mia, so this is ur hidden talent. Tak sangkanya... they r gorgeous. love ur artwork especially " berahi series & colournation". Tak sabar nak share with my friends. I'm so proud of u dear!"
Farihah Arshad | Kuala Lumpur

"btw.. ur new painting called 'slit' tu how much ya? kewl la ur new collections..i really like ur berahi series..seriously cantik bangat sih.. the chi-choBell series pun cute..very colorful but unique color combination..bravo sis.."
Kaabahtul Ehram | Kuala Lumpur

"Hi there Mia. I did not know you paint. Well, well, well......a real artist......Saw your website briefly and just wanted to say how impressed I was and how happy you sound. Glad you have found your true calling. Good luck. When I have some money, perhaps I will make an APPOINTMENT! "
IZW | Jakarta

"Mia – I don’t consider myself very cultured or have an appreciation for art but I really love your work! I think it’s cause I just love colours. I'd like to buy one for my office – I have the most boring white wall at the moment. They’re really amazing – wow – you have such a talent."
Michelle Ong | Kuala Lumpur

"Visited your sites, amazing! I didn't know that you are into painting and it is good to do something that we love to do in life... ppl says passion drives and i can see it in you!. Well, congratulations to your new venture and really happy for you! "
Vivien Chin | Kuala Lumpur

"Hi Mia. Really great work darling. Love them .. esp the slit..How much would that be? U should hold an art exhibition u've got great talent :)"
Jennifer Monteiro | Kuala Lumpur

"i love it. i love it. i love it. i love it all!!!!!"
Lailani Layali | Kuala Lumpur 


What do people say about Mia's work?

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